One thing we're working on is an idea for an add-on for the Freeplay CM3. We're not yet sure what features will be on it, but we're testing some ideas. One might be a backlight control. Another is extra buttons.

We have another similar/related project that we haven't announced, because we don't yet know how it will work out. Depending on how things go, that could work out to be another Kickstarter to raise some funds to manufacture parts of it.

We have another (also similar/related) project that we've had on our project TODO list, but it takes a lot of time and effort to move forward, and we're very busy with Freeplay Zero/CM3 stuff still. Well, that's true for all of our projects, I guess. Big Grin

Do you have some suggestions? We're open to ideas, but keep it more like a brainstorming session. Don't be offended if we don't do anything with any particular idea.
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