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NGPC Development
(04-15-2018, 01:00 AM)shicky256 Wrote:
(04-14-2018, 07:17 AM)philhp Wrote: Hello,

me too i starting game developpment on neogeo pocket color  Smile

actually i using assembler : ASM900 (toshiba assembler) it worls well.
but i would like use now C compiler, for large project it's better !

i have follow your tutorial on your blog

when i try make, this is the error

cc900 -c -O3 main.c -o main.rel
TLCS-900 C-Compiler (32)  Version 4.23
Copyright© TOSHIBA CORPORATION 1994-1997  All rights reserved

cc900-Fatal-116: cannot execute "G:\NGPC\t900\bin\thc1"
make: *** [main.rel] Error 3

have you seen this error ?
what is THC1 ? is used by CC900...
i'm running under windows7 64bits

of course : THC1.EXE exist  on my path : G:\NGPC\t900\bin
Replace the T900 folder with this one.

it works !

Thanks very much  Smile
Yes, I should probably mention that - thanks Shicky. It works best if you take the original T900 folder and add in the contents of the new one.
i currently looking K2GE (color chip) regsiters using documentations

everything is well documented except for :

8100->8107    : Sprite Palette Table (Mono, 2 x 4 entry palettes (Shade = bit 0-2 of byte))
8108->810F    : Scroll 1 Palette Table (Mono, 2 x 4 entry palettes (Shade = bit 0-2 of byte))
8110->8117    : Scroll 2 Palette Table (Mono, 2 x 4 entry palettes (Shade = bit 0-2 of byte))

i dont understand yet what is meaning.
8 bytes , and for each byte only 2 bits used.

because Color palette is already defined on :
8200->827F    : Sprite Palette Table (64max)
8280->82FF    : Scroll 1 Palette Table (64max)
8300->837F    : Scroll 2 Palette Table (64max)

on some documentations a see :
8100  palette LUT for sprites   (LUT : LookUpTable)
8108  palette LUT Scroll 1
8110  palette LUT Scroll 2
(04-18-2018, 06:17 AM)philhp Wrote: i currently looking K2GE (color chip) regsiters using documentations



0x8100 to 0x8117 are for the B&W NeoGeo Pocket (K1GE). It's similar to the color version, it defines transparancy + 3 shades of grey instead of RGB color.

If you intend to develop for the color version, you don't need them.

Ok Thanks !
There's a new tool that @KanedaFr posted in

Maybe check it out and leave comments there.
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This is a T900 for x64 arquitecture?


OMG!! I just try it on my Win10 x64 and works perfectly. I was looking for this compatible T900 binaries for x64 operative systems many many time

This changes everithing for me, many thanks

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