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3D Print Battery Cover
This is turning out to be a pretty cool mod! I appreciate the effort here.
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Update #2 (or 3)

I have been out of town, but was able to continue the model and add the lower clips to the Battery Cover on a lunch break. I printed off another sample, and it fits like a glove. The seams line up nicely, and the cover is lying flat to the shell.


Now onto the clip, then the model should be ready to go.
Ok, so...... I did not forget about finishing the Battery cover design. Life has just got in the way. I did finish the 3d model the other day, but I have not had a chance to print and test the clip design. Lets me see if i cant get the latest design printed off tonight, and see how it fits.

Not forgotten about this, still looking forward to future developments!
Any update?
@strongbad, I just got back from vacation, and prior to that I had to modify/update my printer. I am back into this week. I need to modify the clip design, and print off another test piece.

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