brutal doom on freeplay zero??
can I run the brutal doom mod on my freeplay zero? it runs well on the pi 3 but, idk how it would run on my zero... 

Did you look into this? I think you'd just need to try it on the Zero to see how it works.
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(02-20-2018, 06:13 AM)Flavor Wrote: Did you look into this?  I think you'd just need to try it on the Zero to see how it works.

brutal doom loads but can't use freeplay zero controls... had to pull out a keyboard to put in controls but the text is too small on the small screen.... if someone can make a fix for this, you will have my gratitude
Flavor, I got brutal doom to run but menu text is too damn tiny which makes configuring controls for the freeplay zero impossible...
got doom text to be large enough to read by going into video settings and setting the smallest resolution possible and all I have to do is figure out how to make the start button the pause button, change moving up and down in the menu to up and down on the dpad instead of left and right, A button activate sections in the menu (quit game, new game, etc.) and I'll be ready to play brutal doom on my freeplay zero Big Grin

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