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Freeplay Zero will only power up though the Pi
I just built my first Freeplay zero over the weekend.  Everything worked great, had a little issue getting ROMS loaded, but I eventually figure out a solution.  Played a few games, had a blast.  I then plugged it into a micro USB charger over night to charge the li-po batteries.  The blue LED light came on and everything seemed hunky dory. The next morning - no LED, no power, nothing.  Now it won't power up unless I plug the micro USB power supply into the Pi itself. It won't power up using the batteries, or plugging in the power supply to the freeplay micro USB port.  HELP!
That is quite odd, really. We have seen a few boards (very small percentage) that had a problem with the charging chip, but we could never prove what went wrong. I guess it's possible that it just had a bad chip. We do test them before we ship them out, so I can't say what went wrong.

There are some steps to go through here (under the Battery heading).

Let me know the results, and feel free to open a support ticket at, because that's the best way to keep track of this stuff. The forum is the right place to ask, but if yours behaves differently than what's laid out in the troubleshooting, then there is likely a hardware problem.
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