Charging - Blue and Green LEDs at the same time
I've had two FreePlay Zero units.  Both eventually did this:

When charging my Freeplay Zero it charged for awhile (blue LED shining) and then eventually go to a green LED (blue off).

It seems now that both the green and the blue LED stay lit now.  It still has a blue LED lit when charging and the green LED comes on when charged... But the blue LED no longer goes out.

I don't see any other problems and it runs just fine for long time spans... So it does seem that the two batteries are charging fine.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue and is it a problem?
This can happen if your power supply isn’t strong enough to charge it fully. If I had to guess, I might think that it is just on the borderline. It’s charging it mostly, but it doesn’t finalize the charge. When both of the lights come on, that means it timed out while trying to finish charging. For some reason it thinks that it didn’t fully charge the battery, and it decided that it took to long to finish.

As a test, I would try plugging it into a different AC adapter.
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Gotcha, I'll give that a go.

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