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LCD off center
Anyone else notice that the LCD sits a little off center? Any fixes or simply a part of custom modification?
(06-09-2018, 01:40 AM)Maritime_Gamer Wrote: Anyone else notice that the LCD sits a little off center? Any fixes or simply a part of custom modification?

This just means that you didn't place the LCD in the exact right spot. There are a few ways to remedy this;

I. Trim the white housing of the LCD on the right side so that it sits further to the right in the shell. This is probably the easiest since it avoids cutting more of the shell and makes it so you don't necessarily have to tape the display down
II. Cut down the wall closest to the A/B buttons and move the display that direction. This method will probably require you to use some kind of tape (foam tape works best in my experience).

I used a combination of these methods and cutting of the display border to use the full display for pixel perfect emulation (on any of the consoles with a small enough resolution to fit in 320x240). If you'd like pictures or more info I'd be glad to accommodate.
Yes Pictures of where/what you trimmed would be Great. I have a dremel with which I made the case mods, so I can be quite precise.

I asked mostly because (following the instructions) everything does fit so perfectly together, I wasn't sure if extra trimming would introduce problems. (you know 1 step forward, 2 steps back)

Overall I am so pleased with the build, that I can be anal retentive about the screen being off by 1 mm or so. *grin*
Unfortunately I forgot that I put some 3D printed caps on my XY and they make it impossible for me to remove the front, but I have highlighted the portion of the build doc that needs to be cut. If you decide to go the expanded display route, you will also need to cut some of that plastic housing on the LCD and some of the retaining wall on the bottom portion (I actually used the edge some to brace the display). If you do not, it will hit parts of the shell and the Y button post. The parts I am talking about are the large white blocks on each side of the ribbon cable and the thin bar across them. I recommend doing this with snips as a stray move with a dremel will damage the backlight diffuser and could cause bright spots.

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