Post-Build Setup & Tuning
I'm pretty surprised that the USB transfer method didn't go as planned. Can you tell us what game systems you added ROMs to? What format are the ROMs in? It's possible that you may have put them in the wrong place or added them in the wrong way. Some systems (like arcade games) are notoriously unclear as to which ROMs to use and how to get them in the correct format.

I think that most systems will accept ZIP files. Some may accept .gz or .7z. Some may not. Some systems may expect the ROM's file name to have a certain extension and won't accept others (that may be common).

If your system is on the network, you can use the SFTP method to install ROMs or to see what is currently on your system.

Check here to be sure you did the USB method properly and to see the SFTP method.

Let us know how that goes and let's get this thing up and running!
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