My "Classic Game Boy"-styled Freeplay Zero
Hey everyone!

I see some excellent builds being posted here, so i'll add mine as well. Recently i finally had some time to build my Freeplay Zero. I set myself the extra challenge to create a "Classic Game Boy"-styled Freeplay Zero and it turned out exactly as i hoped it would. After some advice of Flavor and some tweaking i'm really happy with my FPZ, not only does it look the part, it plays wonderfully as well. Maybe you're wondering why the Zero instead of the CM3. That's because the CM3 wasn't available yet when i ordered it.

I also made a full build video for YouTube as well, so check it out!

[Image: fpz-showcase_zpsupbbc4o6.jpg]
This is amazing looking! Thank you for sharing it. I will probably share this on our FB. I haven't watched the full vid yet, but so far it's quite well made and entertaining! Thanks for that!!!

I think you should probably post the photo/video to this FB group, too.
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Thanks a lot for making a video! You are an excellent lecturer! Great stuff shared!
Thank you kindly!

Since recently i do not have a Facebook account anymore so as much as i would like to, i can't share it. But thank you for the tip!
That color scheme is legendary. Nothing will ever beat the classic Game Boy. AWesome stuff, Sjaaks.
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