Battery Charge time
I've charged my FPZ a few times now and notice the light stays blue while charging then go to green when full. But these last couple times I used it until the battery went completely dead and shut down my fpz. Last night I charged for what seemed like at least 6 hours and the light never went green. So being scared of screwing it up I just unplugged it. Thinking maybe 1 of the batteries was the issue I unplugged 1 and ran just 1 battery until dead which seemed like about 2 hours of play time. Unplugged it and ran the other battery for about 2 hours until dead. So 4 hours on 2 batteries that are 1000mah each, so does 4 hours seem about right even though the green light never came on saying fully charged?

And out of curiosity, if i have 2000mah total and using the canakit 2.5a charger how long should it take to charge to full?
Well, the 2 1000mAh batteries together should run for about 5hrs. I’d say that charging could last somewhere around that. The charger circuitry will get the batteries mostly charged and then switch to a different mode where it Kinda trickle charges the rest of the way (at least you can think of it like that). I’d guess that you charged them near fully even though you didn’t see the green light. That’s totally fine. I’m guessing you were just cautious, which is good. Game on!
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Thanks Flavor, yea I was more curious then anything. I have it charging again right now and it's at about 3 hours, so I'm keeping an eye on to see how long before the green light comes on.

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