Orange transparent case with analog stick
First of all, Thanks for all the work you put on your boards and it's attached documentation. It is a pleasure to work with it Wink
Sorry if I make any words mistake, I am far from good with English :/

I did made most of modification using a milling machine to be sure to get the best result as possible.
Before this I have modify another case using cutting plier, razor blade and file to have a good visual reference.
Most milling path are "polish" to avoid whitish visual.



For L2 and R2, I have use original button that are cut using turning machine.
A little note: For all who want to be able to remove X, Y, L2, R2 cover button, you can use paper glue stick , it work just great Wink

Wires that come from battery connector to analog input is a resistor divider I use to monitor battery voltage.
For strange reason, U1 on addon board output a voltage that go from 3.5v to 3.6v, after replacing it with another chip, I now have a steady 3.25v running on battery or on USB.



On the front shell, I cutted the zone where the screen go as little farer to be allow me to see information that I display outside the area controlled by the driver that controls the lcd when I tilt the console.
It work using 2 programs I have made, first one generate a png picture using libgd (battery voltage, cpu usage and temperature, wifi speed and time), second one display png picture on specific coordonate on the framebuffer used for lcd.
I will post link during the next week in the forum, please note that it is only tested on CM3 and not Zero.



The final result is really good in real world, my phone hate my workbench light :/
WOW! You've done some really interesting and cool work here, Porcinus! This is amazing!

Would it be okay with you if I shared some of your photos on Facebook with a link to this forum post?
Card Fighters' Clash 2 English Translation ( )
Neo Geo Pocket Flash Cart and Linker Project ( )
Avatar art thanks to Trev-Mun ( )
Thanks Smile

There is no problem if you want to share any pictures or link Wink
Holy crap this is awesome! Smile

The more I use my current Freeplay zero build, the more I "dream" of having an analog stick like this.

UPDATE: had some questions but now realize I should've RTFM and look at the rest of the forum first Smile

thanks for showing this
This is great! I LOVE how clean you’ve made everything, and the upgrades are really cool. The added information at the bottom of the screen, and the way you have it obscured and viewable is absolutely fantastic.

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