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Accessing to the save/load game data
(11-20-2018, 03:53 AM)KeiDash Wrote:
(11-20-2018, 02:58 AM)Loïc Wrote: you'll need to fill it with 0xFF....

Fill? Fill what? (sorry about my knowledge)

Actually, mi rom has 20Kb of size :-D

If I remember right, you need to increase the size of your rom to 16mbit (2 097 152 bytes). It still my work if the size is greater.
The way Neopop works, it load the full rom in memory, and apply the savegame to the image in ram.
If the rom is not big enough, it won't be able to write your savegame in it.

If you don't see how to fill the difference between your rom size and the required size, I can send you a small perl code that could do the job.

You could also try to copy a full game after tours :
windows :
copy /b your_rom.ngp + kof-r1.ngp Your_big_enough_rom.ngp
unix :
cat your_rom.ngp kof-r1.ngp > Your_big_enough_rom.ngp

that should do the trick.

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