Programs to display information to LCD framebuffer
Before writing outside of viewing area, I was thinking to use SDL as a overlay but since there is no real X manager this was a total fail. I was not interested about modify driver itself.

I think there is a way to add screen overlay using Dispmanx overlay :
But since "screen" is 1024x768 and then resize, you have to generate a 1024px width picture. Another problem is that is not possible to use in SDL driver :/

There is a simple way to detect the driver sleep mode, but GPIO_TFT_BACKLIGHT and BACKLIGHT_CONTROL need to be set when compiling driver, since there are some gpio pins not in use (maybe 34-39 present under compute module), checking current state of this pin is a easy task Smile

Can you provide me all arguments used to compile fbcp-ili9341 to the CM3 please?

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