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Programs to display information to LCD framebuffer
As for software ideas, I think that your ideas are really good.

However, I think some users won't want to have the info outside of the viewable area. One thing I think that could be useful is to have this info on the main viewable area (as an option) but only when a certain key combo is pressed. We have some data like this for our fbcp ( driver, but the driver is better in general once it's a bit more stable all around. Our fbcp driver has a low-batt indicator that pops up, but since it's built in to the fbcp, then it's hard to augment.

I think it's also possible that more people will start doing builds that use the entire LCD (by opening up the shell area). That's where I think it'll be good to have this data easily placable anywhere based on a parameter.
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I just added plot script :
Attachment as output example.

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Before writing outside of viewing area, I was thinking to use SDL as a overlay but since there is no real X manager this was a total fail. I was not interested about modify driver itself.

I think there is a way to add screen overlay using Dispmanx overlay :
But since "screen" is 1024x768 and then resize, you have to generate a 1024px width picture. Another problem is that is not possible to use in SDL driver :/

There is a simple way to detect the driver sleep mode, but GPIO_TFT_BACKLIGHT and BACKLIGHT_CONTROL need to be set when compiling driver, since there are some gpio pins not in use (maybe 34-39 present under compute module), checking current state of this pin is a easy task Smile

Can you provide me all arguments used to compile fbcp-ili9341 to the CM3 please?
Found a very simple way for screen overlay, the trick is to use OMX.

Some file need to be created for the test:
00:00:00,00 --> 00:00:05,00
Battery: 4.20v - 72Mbits - 18:51

Convert attached png to avi:
ffmpeg -loglevel panic -y -loop 1 -i black.png -t 5 -r 5 -vf scale=16:-2,setsar=1:1 -force_key_frames 1 black.avi

Run OMX:
omxplayer --no-osd --no-keys --alpha 150 --layer 2000 --win 0,0,1024,50 --align center --font-size 750 --no-ghost-box --subtitles black.avi

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