Programs to display information to LCD framebuffer
I have think about this possibility this weekend and updated my Git for this case.

The prototype "schematic" you have on hand is not up to date, at this point I can supply the battery monitoring ADC chip at 5v by cutting one trace and adding a jump wire coming from RTC VDD. This chip is the last in the MCP3021 row (not the pullup side) so no problem for this.

For the I2C line, If the chip is able to initialize I think the only issue could be some missing samples, no big deal for this use.

At 5v the samples resolution is still great, around 0.005v.

The only downside I see here is the noise due to the 5v, but since the other will be powered by a AMS1117-3.3, I think only real world testing will be relevant Smile

For who reading this, I am trying to make an "advanced" addon board with a USB Nanohub 2 ports, BL-R8188FU3 WiFi module, DS3231M RTC module, 3 MCP3021A ADC (2 for the the Joypad and one for the battery monitoring) and a cooling fan.

Thanks for the time you've take on this Flavor Wink

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