Reducing CPU load with display driver?
Hey guys! I'm back again!

So I've been enjoying my FPZ quite a bit, but something has finally started to bother me. Using the new display driver, I'm getting slight pauses every few seconds on emulators except for NES and Playstation (surprisingly). Digging into juj's github, I found this in config.h:

// Always enable GPU VSync on the Pi Zero. Even though it is suboptimal and can cause stuttering, it saves battery.
#if defined(SINGLE_CORE_BOARD)

#if !defined(USE_GPU_VSYNC)

I was wondering if I can edit this line myself and have the change instantaneous, or do I have to cmake this again? If I have to make it, would anyone be able to give me some simple instructions on how to do it? I'm experienced with Linux, but never used CMake before, and I'm not sure what else would have to be done for the FPZ. I am not worried about battery, because I mostly play this before bed or when I am traveling, which is never for too long anyway.

I'm running your guys' image from RetroPie 4.3.

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