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NES Themed Build
I added some plastic around the power connector and added a micro sd extension...  Still waiting on my blank gba cart shell to arrive from china...  Started experimenting with the clear lens, will post up some images of that once I get a solution I am happy with... I added some foam in places to block some of the light bleed...

[Image: W5wp9dkh.jpg]

[Image: fKmkoLOh.jpg]
That's a cool idea, SuperSirLink! I haven't seen anyone do it that way. Nice work.

We have one build here that has an SD extension, and we put the SD card in the battery compartment, but yours is done in a way that's likely much cheaper to implement (for those that can solder like that).
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those contact pads are not too hard to solder to... My skills with the iron are not the best due to the lack of a steady hand... Big Grin

My intention is to modify the cartridge shell to cover it...
Here is what I came up for the glass... (many thanks to sjaaks for the concept) Not perfect, but after several attempts at different methods, I think this is where I will leave it unless I come up with a better idea...

I also used a printable transparent film sheet, but I had a hard time getting a perfect adhesion to the glass. If you look closely, you can see micro bubbles... I also found that the ink was very susceptible to scratching, so I tried different methods of protecting it with either a blank white label sheet (much like the process sjaaks used) and clear laminate film... I couldn't get a solution I like that didn't end up too thick, so I instead switch to spraying the back using a mix of white and silver spray paint... Cutting out the center is the part I found to be the hardest (from a perfectionist point of view). You couldn't see how the cut looked until you pealed off the backing and applied it to the glass, then it was too late to make another cut or trim... You can see a very thin while line along the bottom...

The nice part is it is not hard to lift the glass back out and remove the decal cleanly from the back of the glass, I have done it 7 or 8 times already! Smile So I may make another attempt if I get board down the road, for now this will do...

[Image: H5YtTeBh.jpg]
[Image: 6JLtw04h.jpg]
[Image: BNSTv9eh.jpg]
[Image: HDZTEVJh.jpg]
[Image: D8R1qG7h.jpg]
It looks quite nice! I also like the touch of the raspberry at the top. Smile
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Thank you flavor, now I am just waiting for the blank cart to arrive so I can finish off this project...
I really like how you trimmed the screen plastic for the full screen mod. I’m thinking I did mine the hard way now.
Thanks, the hardest part was getting a short enough straight edge to scribe against...
It has a nice looking Wink

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