Shutdown/Restart Question
Shouldn't I see text after holding the power in to trigger a shutdown?  I don't see any transition to show it is going through a shutdown like I do with my other Pi boards (come to think of it, I don't see any text during boot)...  I wonder if I am not seeing it or if it is doing a hard power off.  So I have been issuing the shutdown through EmulationStation...

Also noticed if I do a reboot (either through ES or via SSH) the system will shutdown but not turn back on.  I am guessing this is due to the power transfer that has to occur while holding the power button in, yes?
The TFT driver running via a service, when you shutdown linux, it does close each running service one by one to avoid losing data, if driver is one of the first in the list, display will not be updated after begin of shutdown process.

Using option in EmulationStation is the good way to go.

Reboot on my system work as a shutdown too.
Ahh, makes sense then... Okay, good... Just wanted to be sure that was expected...

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