Black transparent case with analog stick
This build use "full screen" TFT mod by SuperSirLink :

After many attempt to get good paint adhesion on glass with really good success, I have gone with the idea of scratching paint from the stock Freeplay glass lens.

Having a CNC milling machine really make the job easier by machining a "guide" :

Except glass lens part, the whole shell modifications follow the previous one I have made :
This, once again, is awesome work!

What did you use to actually "scratch" the screen without leaving any marks on it?
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I used a razor blade, it is really safe Smile , I never scratch any glass using this.
Yes, it is a custom drawn/build fully aluminum.

"What that set you back?", I don't understand.

I don't see what is the model "52 tele", do you have a link?

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