Freeplay CM3 Slim with shoulder button upgrades
(03-09-2019, 07:14 AM)Porcinus Wrote: A little off-topic, When testing the PS Vita 1000 Joystick at the first place I checked that wiring was correct but when going forward on my incoming built I noticed something "weird" about the joystick I received.
X and Y "potentiometer" are off-center, far far off (following value (X) come from ADC reading, not GPIO driver) :
min : 0x02C0 : 704
center: 0x077C : 1916
max: 0x09A2 : 2466

Sadly, there is no way to "correct" the problem via the GPIO driver itself, 'input_set_abs_params' function 'flat' argument (the last one) act only as a center dead zone.

Hipcat, did you encounter this problem in one of your build?

No I didn’t have any trouble with the PSP 1000 analog sticks. I am having some trouble with these Joy Con analog sticks now though. I’m trying to ge the correct values in for them. If I can get these to work I wonder if you’ll be able to use the same method to input your analog values. If I get these working I’ll let you know how and maybe it will help you. (It sounds like you know more about these things than I do though Smile

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