Few Questions regarding gba-zero build
So I have the build nearly complete but I have came across some concerns 

1. When connecting my battery to the board the led light will stay red. When powered on RetroPie will boot and the led will go green (as it should). Although when powering off it will remain red. Is this normal? The battery I’m using is the suggested for the kit (freeplay 2000mah)

2. My speaker is making a lot of white noise at the main menu of RetroPie. When playing games the sound is very distorted and not right. Any suggestions on this. 

Any help would be appreciative.


You shouldn't see that red LED coming on like that. Most of the problems we see (hear about) with the Freeplay Zero are related to the pins that are soldered to the Pi Zero itself. Could you post some photos of that part of your build?

If there are bad connections, these could also cause the noise, but let's focus on the red LED first, because it's the most obvious issue to track down.

It would also be a good idea to check out the troubleshooting at https://www.freeplaytech.com/support/troubleshooting/ just in case there's something there that points you to a solution.
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Hmm alright. I’ll check on the pins. The pi I bought was pre-soldered, but this could still lead to problems. When I have some time later I’ll upload some photos.

Thank you

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