Better screen?
Hi I have this build for awhile but haven't played it much because I get pretty bad headaches when I play longer than 15 minutes. I am not sure what is the cause of this but I expect it's the low quality screen. I noticed its a tft panel which have pretty bad viewing angles. At first I thought it was the size but I don't have this problem when I play on my DS Lite which has a similar sized screen. So are there better screens available? IPS maybe?
Do you have the brightness control installed? If not, it can come from this, the screen is extremely bright when the brightness is at full power.

Are you using the Freeplay Zero or the Freeplay CM3? Either way, you could try the experimental display driver. It works quite well on the CM3, but it isn't as stable on the Zero. I wonder if that would be any better for you.

I don't recall having heard of any others mentioning this issue before.
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About the screen itself, the real problem is to found the same diagonal and pinout.

Some software tricks can be apply to increase screen resizing sharpness, if you want to try thru ssh (will stay until restart) :
'sudo vcgencmd scaling_sharpness 50 > /dev/null'

I believe 50 is the default value, over it, it increase sharpness, I am running my at 80

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