CM3+ Slim with Joy Con Analogs (Xbox layout)
(03-18-2019, 11:09 AM)Porcinus Wrote: I already seen this video, I am not saying this is bad wiring method at all Wink

I understand now for the audio, thanks Smile

In my case I have a "template shell" with all the work already done to fit the motherboard without trouble. When starting a now build I buy at least 2 shells at the same time just in case. Seeing the work you put on all your project, you really should consider to get a CNC milling machine, it really ease the work plus you will be able to make PCB to help you with case modifications, cable management, switches fitting and far other things (trust me, it like 3D printing, once you're in, it a pleasure)

However , you made a great work for a impressive result, once again Thanks for sharing this Wink

Oh I know you didn’t mean it was “bad” no worries  Cool

You know I was a kind of interested in a milling machine I heard about a while back. I never really looked into it though. It was a modular machine that could be quickly configured for milling or 3D printing just by quickly swapping a couple components if I remember right.

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