CM3+ Slim with Joy Con Analogs (Xbox layout)
You can easily get "transparent" sheet of plastic form hardware store, the real problem is to get one compatible with ABS.
In my case, Acrylic plastic can fuse pretty well with ABS. Don't buy Polystyrene or Polycarbonate sheet, You will get no good result with it.

You can not use Acetone to fuse transparent ABS, this will leave heavy "whitish" trace and maybe cracks.

To my knowledge, you can use something like Chloroform, this is used to fuse Acrylic plastic (PMMA, Plexyglass) with almost no traces BUT this is a solvent that need to be store with specific condition, 0 exposure to UV (even from the sun) or it will degrade from the time and transform to Phosgene (a Trench gaz used during WWI).
It is a easier way but way too dangerous for me.

Something you can try to do is to make a Silicone mold of the back shell of your Slim version and cast it with Epoxy or Polyester resin.

For my build, I think I will go for the purple transparent shell, Not sure the transparent one will have a good visual so I will make test on it Wink

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