CM3+ Slim with Joy Con Analogs (Xbox layout)
(04-06-2019, 11:23 PM)Porcinus Wrote: I received 2 pairs of shell today, glacier (not transparent) and purple (blue with white light, purple with natural light). I will go for the purple one for my next built.
I know there is no real possible complain for the price these shell but there is 2 shell with "cold" molding and one with a repaired but not re-polished mold.

What is “cold” molding and the other not re-polished mold?. I received both of my clear shells the other day and I’ve been working on them here and there. I have the slim part pretty much finished! I was able to use the original back part of the shell. I used a jewelers saw to cleanly cut it off, and then using a combination of heat gun and oven baking I flattened it out. Then I reattached it with clear epoxy. It’s not perfect, but it’s usable. I still have some cleanup on it, and then to finish up the build. 

Oh yes I have a question for you too: do you know where I could buy transparent 3DS slider caps? I have black caps on order, but I’m thinking of a different design scheme possibility with clear 3DS sliders.

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