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Please note: These programs are design to work as systemctl service on Raspberry Pi 3 on Freeplay CM3 platform with L2R2 addon board.

This is a set of program that allow user to display a "taskbar" on top of the TFT screen by pressing a defined input like hotkey.
Can monitor battery voltage and try to predict remaining percentage (if ADC data provided), CPU load / temperature, WiFi link speed (if detected) and system time. Depending on arguments passed, it can generate a png file and log file containing battery voltage.

Note: The graph show a full session of gameplay in Reicast (Dreamcast).

Some update (lately but better than never Tongue): Best way is to check Github, too much things to put here

This set of programs is very useful and useful, and with the shortcut keys that they create, they accelerate the process of executing programs and managing them.
Thanks Wink
I hope command arguments are explained well enough (I am very bad at this).
If you have any questions or need some help, please post this in this thread or open a issue on Github.

Quick note: I am having some troubles receiving forum notifications for whatever reasons so not worry if it take me some time to reply on the forum.

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