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Raspberry Pi 3 A+ crammed into a Freeplay zero!
    I had been wanting to make some sort of hand held project for a while but wasn't sure what to do... I happened across some of the older Freeplay zero kits on sale and snapped one up. I was also able to get a Raspberry Pi 3 A+ on sale which was just sitting around after an aborted smart mirror project. So decided to try and see if I could make it fit in the Freeplay zero kit...and it...sort of does? It definitely plays everything I've thrown at it, which is pretty much the same as the RPi 3 B+. I was able to use the retropie image that Freeplay provides for the CM3 and it works just fine.

Special thanks to Ed and Andrew for getting me fixed up for a small fee after I accidentally damaged my PCB (not because of the RPi 3 A+). Other than the fact that it sticks out rather awkwardly, it works and feels great. Cool

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It is a good way to get connectivity without modification on the board Smile
But beware of possible overheat (1.4Ghz) if you want to emulate game from PSP or similar system.

RPi 3 A+ look to fit pretty well at this place Wink
Honestly I'm quite content to play the classics with the exception of a few PlayStation games since I do have a hacked PSP already, not to mention the lack of buttons for some of the more advanced systems like N64. I kinda skipped over the whole GBA and GBC era so it's fun to discover those games for the first time. But it's light and feels comfortable in the hands. It does get a tad warm but nothing crazy. It is strange looking but I like it. I do need to put a cover on it at some point though.

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