Fit n' finish questions from a new user
Sorry, I am writing from my smartphone, I can post pictures :/

Quick note before start, you shout consider to no attach the TFT screen when you are test fitting. Its ribbon cable is very fragile.

For the volume wheel, I had this problem in some of my builds, on the back shell near the volume wheel, there is the embose where goes the screw, i have remove a little bit of matter on it side to solve the problem.

For the Dpad, I think you are talking about Jakejm79 solution's, a simple way to check if it work is to try the modification with the grey Dpad you should have receive with your shell.

For the power switch, take a look at
I have make this modification on all of my builds.

For the shoulder buttons, I have this problem too, the only workaround that is working for me so far is to not tight the middle screws all the way.

For the rubber, I have never try this but you could use kapton tape, nothing is really to stick to it.

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