Fit n' finish questions from a new user
I have nothing to illustrate that on hand :/.

The unmodified Dpad is design to allow pressing of one direction at a time (you can do diagonal move but not with a good "feeling"), when pressing a direction, the "bump" on the other side come in contact with the shell and the center pivot come in contact with the motherboard. The problem with this is the height of aftermarket shell, it is thicker by around 0.5mm (0.02 inch), so when direction is pressed, the top of the silicon pad is shifting (a little) instead of fully pressed.
If you cut the whole pivot, you can press all directions at the same it, if you lower it only by 0.04 inch, you are able to make diagonal move easily when sliding your finger.

Your power switch problem is really weird, can you post a picture of your back shell please, it is possible that your shell have a molding defect :S

You can soft hot glue using isopropyl alcohol.

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