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Defenderoids - Playing with bitmaps
I've been mucking about with bitmaps - obviously, the poor old NGPC was never really built for this, but I'm having fun trying to actually do something that isn't purely cosmetic with the old bitmap functions.

There's no actual game yet - just a playground with a bunch of asteroids, a Qix and a rotating "sprite" that moves in a classic turn-left/right and thrust kind of fashion, but thought that you lot might enjoy seeing it.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with it - I think I could probably turn this into a reasonable Asteroids clone relatively quickly but for now I'm just playing with different bitmap effects.



Rom Only: Defenderoids.ngp

edit: removed the velocity limiter on thrust as that wasn't working.
Thanks, Ahchay!

By the way, I edited your URL for the ROM. I hope I did it properly. The iframe code wasn't working correctly.
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Cheers Ed, yes, that looks great. Tried to attach it here, but came up against file type restrictions - probably could have zipped it but easier for me to link into the 1Drive. I'll keep the file updated as and when I make some kind of actual progress.
Any project (indepent of the size) will be welcome. What is the status of the game actually?

At the moment, it's just me mucking about with some ideas.

The "player" ship is controllable, and I've got the whole Asteroids style rotate, drift and thrust thing working quite nicely - albeit at something like 9FPS. Which doesn't actually feel as bad as it sounds - it's amazing what your brain does to compensate.

Anyway, I've mainly been doing some of the project admin - adding a basic title screen and main title/game/gameover/repeat loop.

I want to bring in the Defender aspect next - so, essentially side scrolling over a height map "background" and then I'll try adding in some actual game elements. I guess the basic concept is "Asteroids style control in a Defender style gameplay" - a bit like the old 8 bit game Thrust I guess?

I think I'll throw some sprites in for the bad guys as they'll be less expensive to draw/move and then cut down on the Asteroids themselves - or have that as a bonus/witch-space stage maybe? Vector to vector collision feels like a problem that's simply too calculation intensive for the NGPC, but Centre-Centre intersections of two polygons should work well enough.

Anyway, latest WIP is up on the 1drive if you want to have a play, or the source is in Github if you'd like to spy on me as I go.

So, that Defender style game world was easier than I thought. All I had to do was lock the "sprite" x position and update a horizontal offset on thrust.

Okay, none of the other in-game objects are (yet) bound to the horizontal position of the "world" but that should be relatively trivial - I'll need to separate some of the direct pixel accesses to get that to work properly though. But, for now, you can fly about and it sort of feels right.
And now all the in-game objects are bound to the horizontal offset. This is still causing some problems at the wrap-around point, and I get the occasional hang when the engine attempts to draw objects outside of the bitmap area, so I'll need to be more careful with my bounds checking.

From a gameplay/control perspective though, it works quite nicely.

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