Power on issues
(05-24-2019, 12:37 AM)Flavor Wrote:
(05-23-2019, 01:37 PM)MrErickson Wrote: Got a hold of the unit tonight and played around with it.  It powered on just fine, the only thing I noticed was if you didn't push firmly enough the slider felt like it slid over but it wasn't enough to trigger the switch and turn the unit on.  I'll open it up and be sure everything is lined up properly but I don't see it not being so at this point.  I have a FP0 with a broken switch that I've wired a tactile switch in to act in place of the slider switch, I may just do the same thing here for her, so she has a simple tactile switch to click and hold down to power on/off.

I think that Porcinus' solution works well for people.  I have also shaved off a little bit of the plastic on the slider itself to allow it to travel just a TINY bit further.  That makes it much easier and more obvious to press all the way.

The push-button option is also a good solution.  Some people prefer that feel, anyway.

If you need a new switch for the one that broke off, send us a SUPPORT message at https://www.freeplaytech.com/contact/
I went through the support list for the battery just to be sure, it is fine, charges fine, I think her issue was she just wasn't sliding it over completely.  It was slightly tough to do from what I noticed.  Easy enough to add a tactile button to power on.


I didn't grab a picture of the inside wiring but I still need to add a button to the FP0 with the broken slider switch so I'll grab a photo of the inside just incase anyone else needs to do a similar bypass.  

Big thanks again to Hipcat for helping me sort this out a few weeks ago.

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