Buttons not working on pico-8 v0.1.12c
So, /dev/dri is a video related error and (as far as I can gather) is related to video cards and performance. The binary runs fine so there's no reason to fret about that error message.

Unfortunately, I can't download an older copy of Pico8 to test with, but the most recent version I got from my Humble Bundle page (where I purchased it long ago) has no way for us to get working with our units.

The software only reads input from the keyboard or from an SDL enabled controller, while our GPIO controller is neither. I tried using Joy2Key (both the python version bundled with RetroPie and the binary version in the repos), but neither will work with Pico8 due to the fact that Pico8 doesn't read the keyboard input from the terminal it is started from, and we can't target an X server window since we aren't even running an X server in the first place.

Until lexaloffle supports keyboard-terminal input or integrates the Linux /dev/input/js* joystick method, Pico8 is not able to be used with Freeplay units, unless you can feasibly just downgrade to an older version that worked fine.

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