Copying ROMS - Wont boot afterwards
I am assuming that manually copying ROMs to the SD card is not allowed?

1.  I write the image to the SD card and insert it into my CM3 and boot the Freeplay.  Everything works but no ROMs of course.
2.  I shutdown the CM3 and eject the SD card.
3.  I insert the SD card into my Linux laptop.
4.  I copy a folder of ROMS from the laptop drive.
5.  I paste the ROMS into the proper folder on the CM3 SD card.
6.  I wait for the operation to complete.
7.  I eject the SD card.
8.  I insert it into the CM3 and boot and get nothing but a white screen - it never boots.

I can copy via the USB stick method and that works but its slow.

Any ideas?

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Copying ROMS - Wont boot afterwards - by daveculp - 05-25-2019, 03:31 AM

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