Copying ROMS - Wont boot afterwards
I had the same issues copying roms directly on the SD while in a linux machine. Don't know if its just a thing with retropie (this was for a regular RPI3 B image). It would either not save the changes once ejected, or leave my sd card unstable.

If you have a USB drive laying around, i would recommend to transfer using that way:
(source: )

1. Make a empty folder called retropie (linux is case sensitive, so keep it all lower case). retropie will actually copy over the contents of the relevant folders over to the usb (since you have no roms, the roms folder will be empty).
2. Plug the USB do your computer and insert the roms (and BIOS if needed in the BIOS folder).
3. Now when you plug the USB back into your freeplay device and power on, retropie will automaticaly begin to transfer the contents of the drive to the SD card. Leave it for about an hour to ensure all the files have been transfered.
4. Then power off and boot again.

Hope this helps,

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