Red Super Famicom + Actual Super Famicom

So I built a Pi-powered Super Famicom for a friend of mine a few years ago, and he wanted a FP-CM3 GBA to match his system. No prob!

The Super Famicom system has fully functional controller ports, power button, about to add safe-shutdown to the reset button, and rear-mounted I/O for 3.5mm audio, HDMI, and Power.

The ABXY buttons on the SFC GBA are all GBA originals, just with 3-stage sanded faces to remove two sets of "A B" labeled buttons. Looks way more streamlined and better matches the SFC controller.

It all compliments each other absolutely perfect, and I'm a little jealous... lol
You're right. This is very nice, and it all compliments each other nicely.
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