Exp_Cropped Driver [Fixed!]
Ahh, that would make sense why I'm not seeing any changes after editing. Thank you.

So- just to be sure, in order to accomplish this- do necessary edits, and then do what to recompile and restart?
sudo pkill fbcp

and then

sudo /home/pi/fbcp-ili9341/build/fbcp-ili9341

Yes but you don't need to restart for the testing stuff
Kill the driver using 'sudo killall fbcp-ili9341', by security, multiple times.
Then recompile and rerun it thru SSH

Edit: You have been faster than me loool
Killed driver, and restarted it through

"sudo /home/pi/fbcp-ili9341/build/fbcp-ili9341"

bcm_host_get_peripheral_address: 0x3f000000, bcm_host_get_peripheral_size: 16777216, bcm_host_get_sdram_address: 0xc0000000
BCM core speed: current: 250000000hz, max turbo: 400000000hz. SPI CDIV: 6, SPI max frequency: 66666667hz
Allocated DMA channel 1
Allocated DMA channel 5
Enabling DMA channels Tx:1 and Rx:5
DMA hardware register file is at ptr: 0x75b7e000, using DMA TX channel: 1 and DMA RX channel: 5
DMA hardware TX channel register file is at ptr: 0x75b7e100, DMA RX channel register file is at ptr: 0x75b7e500
Resetting DMA channels for use
DMA all set up
Initializing display
Resetting display at reset GPIO pin 27
Creating SPI task thread
InitSPI done
DISPLAY_FLIP_ORIENTATION_IN_SOFTWARE: Swapping width/height to update display in portrait mode to minimize tearing.
Relevant source display area size with overscan cropped away: 480x640.
Source GPU display is 480x640. Output SPI display is 240x320 with a drawable area of 202x302. Applying scaling factor horiz=0.42x & vert=0.47x, xOffset: 9, yOffset: 18, scaledWidth: 202, scaledHeight: 302
Creating dispmanX resource of size 202x302 (aspect ratio=0.668874).
GPU grab rectangle is offset x=0,y=0, size w=202xh=302, aspect ratio=0.668874
All initialized, now running main loop...
Here is my waveshare.h

Just doesn't seem like anything has changed. Have I missed the recompiling bit?

#pragma once

// Data specific to the Waveshare32b display, as present on FreePlayTech's CM3/Zero devices (https://www.freeplaytech.com/)


#if !defined(GPIO_TFT_RESET_PIN)

// On FreePlayTech GBA devices, a part of the screen is hidden by the bezels, since the GBA has a 2.8" screen surface area, but a 3.2" display is enclosed inside the case.
// The hidden area is placed under the left edge of the display horizontally, and under top and bottom edges of the display vertically, so reduce those out from the drawable area.
// Effective display area is then 320-18=302 pixels horizontally, and 202 pixels vertically (in landscape direction).

// The meaning of top/left/right/bottom here should be interpreted as the display being oriented in its native direction (which is portrait mode for ILI9341, 240x320 direction).

sorry, replied between 2 messages

I don't think you can set negative value
Ah, that was me playing with values trying to get it to change before I knew the need to recompile part. I'll set them to 0 for now and then fine tune later.

You're a saint for all the help, man. I'm a total rookie in this area, haha.

So to recompile- I go back to this bit, and start from here?

Yes, don't miss 'make -j'
On it now!

So I'm going to go to command line, out of ES.

Kill the driver.

cd /home/pi/fbcp-ili9341/build


make -j

sudo ./fbcp-ili9341
I am really sorry, I need to get back to work, please keep us update Smile
This can also help others Wink

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