Framerate sometimes drops after a period of no controller input
Hi kcmac, what specific games are you experiencing this with? Since it sounds like you haven't changed off of the default display driver, I assume you are using the juj driver.

My current theory is similar to Porcinus's, in that certain game cutscenes change so little of the screen that the driver considers these frames "static", and reduces the framerate to save battery. I don't think this is related at all to actual button inputs, since the display driver and button module are completely separated from each other, with the button module actually being a kernel level implementation to reduce latency and issues.

I would recommend (if you have the patience and skill) to try modifying and building a copy of the driver without these battery saving tweaks to see if that solves the issue. It should also be noted that any binaries built after commit edcdad will white screen when started as part of our Systemd modules, so you may need to git checkout edcdad to get to that commit before building.

UPDATE: As of today (July 19 2019) you do not have to checkout to commit edcdad; the issue has been resolved and you can use the commit that was made earlier today.

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