Boxy Pixel - Hand Brushed Finish
Finally got this guy in the mail and put it together this weekend. I ordered the non-anodized option. It was a bit rough, but it says as much on the Boxy Pixel order page Angel . So I dug out my collection of sandpapers and buffing pads and went to town. I did all the finishing by hand and I think it turned out pretty nice. 

I drilled a hole into the back plate so the kill switch is accessible and I also sanded off the anodized finish from it and brushed it so that it matched the rest of the shell.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the BoxyPixel. Though, I think there's a design flaw with the aluminum buttons that affects usability. The buttons tend to bind up inside the shell half way through a button press which prevents you from registering the input. It happens most often when playing a game like Mario where you're holding the run button and are trying to roll your thumb to jump with the other button. I'll explain how I fixed this in a separate thread: ( Here )

So, after ~3 hours of elbow grease on the shell and then maybe 20 minutes of assembly, here's what she looks like:

[Image: Zu2vp16.jpg]

[Image: Oj3Ampp.jpg]

[Image: DMlA2Hx.jpg]

[Image: BQ7ODO6.jpg]

[Image: AfndZYf.jpg]

[Image: l67yqak.jpg]

[Image: ZT1RVhj.jpg]

[Image: RZCwpUG.jpg]

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