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Media for canceled games?
Unfortunately as we all know, the NGPC has one of the best libraries of canceled games out there. However, despite lists including relatively large names like Metal Slug 3rd Mission and Mortal Kombat, I can't seem to find much of any info/flyers/etc about canceled games on the system.

In particular, one that I'm really curious about is ADK's "Hyper Girls Mahjong (ハイパー・ギャルズ麻雀 ). 

Does anybody know any resources at all for canceled games on this system?

Here's what I know of:

Tokyo Game Show 99 Booklet by SNK: (includes list of unreleased games)

The infamous Magician Lord 2 rom:

Masterlist including canceled games:

Site including speculation about canceled games:

And that's about it. If anybody has anything else they'd like to contribute, please do.

Note on Hyper Girls Mahjong: It seems to have been announced about a month before the Tokyo Game Show booklet I posted above, and canceled only about a month after. I'm assuming this means there are at least two other pieces of media which at least mention this game then.

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