Analogue stick without addon board
That is fantastic advice. Especially the idea of cutting off the stick in order to figure out where the base can fit. I've been looking at the inside of my boxy pixel shell and you're right, the walls are much thicker! I didn't expect this at all. I've ordered three psp-1000 sticks, one to use, one for practice with a Freeplay zero and one to cut the stick off and test the fitting as you suggest. I'm going to be very nervous using a dremel on this case..

I do plan on using the boxypixel L2R2 addon board, yes. Flavor indicates that this should still be possible but I will have to access the holes I need for the analog stick from the other side of the board

I've backtracked from a vita/switch stick purely because.. I don't feel my skill level is there yet. A psp-1000 sounds easier for now though one day I might upgrade it Smile

Thank you both again, you've been helping so much and I appreciate it immensely. Even the little tips like cleaning to prevent shorts is gold. I would cleaned the shell but I didn't realise any shavings left inside could cause a short. I'll be cleaning much more thoroughly now! Haha
You're welcome, don't miss to keep us update Wink

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