analog stick config options break controls
Did you reconfigure input in Emulationstation after having the analog sticks working? (this is needed for most emulators)
duh... that seems to have done the trick. i think we are fully functional now! thanks so much for the help.
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so one more question here - my right stick is really struggling. it works sometimes and sometimes not. i have searched how to use jstest but cant really figure it out. not sure if i have a bad solder job on the y axis, if its a bad joystick or if my config is hurting me. can you guys help me on how to test the joystick so i can see what, if anything, is registering when i move the stick?
just fyi, i resoldered to make sure the connections are good and i am still struggling with the y axis on the right stick. i'm thinking its got to be a hardware issue. when i configure the input the down axis registers, but the up just wont at all. for something like mario it works fine but for a 3d shooter where i need the entire right stick it. JUST. DONT. WORK. :/
For jstest : 'sudo jstest /dev/input/js0' (I am not home right now, it is maybe "inputs")

You can also try to run 'sudo dmesg -w' will playing, to see if there is any messages about I2C timeout.
It is possible that you have a false contact on the addon board header, I already got this problem.
ran jstest and here is what i get


it looks like the right stick Y axis just registers a constant value of -32000. If I pull the stick down, it is slow to register but eventually goes to +32000. bad solder job or bad stick? 

another question... what are the four parameters for the x and y values? all mine are set like the following

my left stick Y axis seems to have a little drift. if i push up on the stick, it comes back to rest at about -5000. If I bump the stick i can get it back to 0. If I push down on the stick, it bounces right back to 0. is this bad soldering? Can I overcome this problem by configuring the deadzone to be larger?

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I think it is shorted to ground or the analog stick is dead :S
Can you try to switch with the other stick to see if it behave the same.

For the drift, if you want to increase the dead zone, it is the 4th value (300).

You can also try to add " auto_center_analog=1 " to your option line but since you have troubles with a stick, it is not a good idea right now.
If you end up adding it, please note that you will need to leave the sticks alone during boot of the device since the parameter force the driver to you "current" real value as center point.
ordered some new psp sticks and replaced the right stick... problem solved! i think thats a wrap on this build. thanks for all the help!
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Thanks for the update Wink

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