juj's ili9341: Round II [Locking up on Shutdown]
Hello all-

So I'll cut to the chase. I was looking to put a new image together that's running juj's ili9341 on top of the latest FP CM3 build from this month, and following instructions from a past post I made [where building the driver ended up totally successful], along with Porcinus' guide- I seem to be RIGHT at the finish line in putting this driver together again. I was hoping I could be pointed to the right direction on what I'm missing this time around.

The issue is that simply when I go to shut down the unit- really, from anywhere- the screen locks up as the console text is rolling on shutdown, and hangs there. The LED doesn't blink, and the screen is frozen at the console text, forcing me to unhook the battery or hit the kill switch.

In essence, I feel like I'm missing a step that is conflicting with how the system shuts down, resulting in a dirty power-cut.
Besides that- I have it running great, using OMX without driver crashing for video splash, gamelist videos, etc.
The ili9341 driver build appears to be functioning fine as I expected, however, the system locking up on shutdown is a glaring issue.

Any ideas, anyone? My vague thinking is that the driver is not closing properly, causing the hang up.

My past thread: https://forum.freeplaytech.com/showthrea...53#pid8553
Porcinus' compile guide: https://forum.freeplaytech.com/showthrea...37#pid8737
In cas this can help, the service files now used on the CM3/Zero image have a addition regarding the way to kill the service : https://github.com/Mootikins/FreeplayILI...ep.service

I did have this problem a few times, maybe the SPI driver is unregisted before the driver is killed.
If you hook up HDMI, you may be able to see where it's crashing/waiting/freezing.
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