Boxy Pixel L2/R2 add-on soldier locations?
Hey all-- I've been looking at fully zoomed in and with my eyes about an inch from the screen, and I _think_ I see two spots being soldered in the 6-panel visual instructions, but it's not completely clear where, and the final shot makes it look like there might be 3. My gut says the three larger circles with silver around them are the spots I should be soldering but I'm hesitant to move forward without being sure since it's a lot easier to add solder than remove it...

I was wondering if anyone who's done the job successfully could either confirm my assumption, or add some ugly ms paint arrows to the final image in the document that point to the areas that should be soldered.

Thanks a bunch!
I don't have this addon installed but I think there are 3 points to solder, 2 on one side for the buttons and ground on the other.

Picture from the shop, green circles as highlight :
OK yeah, those are the circles I was thinking I'd need to do-- thanks for confirming Smile
This is all correct. Thanks again, Porcinus. I was out all weekend (and Monday).
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