keymapping of OMXplayer with gamepad

[This has been solved.  Please see for the solution.]

Since I going to use my freeplay zero as media player as well and auto connect to my home server with NFS. For pptp vpn client setting done refer to the link below -

And, i have mounted the NFS share folder to /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/videos using /etc/fstab with the option below successfully -

server:/sharefolder     /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/videos        nfs     rw,relatime,_netdev           0 0

then, i edit the es_systems.cfg which allow emulationstation to read and play video with omxplayer on freeplay LCD.

    <extension>.avi .AVI .mp4 .MP4 .mkv .MKV</extension>
    <command>omxplayer --key-config /home/pi/omxplayerkey.txt --display=1 --win "0 0 640 480" %ROM%</command>

you would found the i add the command line "--key-config /home/pi/omxplayerkey.txt" which should be force omxplayer to using new keymapping each time play the video.
However, i cannot found the way to found the HEX code of the gamepad  i'm only allow to play the video non-stop, cannot be exit, forward or backward. any idea. Many thanks.

solved -
thanks Nic
If you want, here is another way to do it :
But you may need to change the keys.

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