Retropie Not making folders

I just got my new CM3 in a boxy pixel shell and am really excited to get this thing working!

Unfortunately when I stick in a USB with the "retropie " folder it does not autopopulate said folder with more folders for ROMS and stuff.

Everything appears to have installed properly as far as retropie/etcher is concerned.

I'm using a 2 gig stick, properly FAT32 formatted, with lights that light up when initially inserted , for about 5 seconds then go out and stay out.  

I've gone through this forum and a couple others, and can't seem to find a solution that works.

I've tried:

Another micro SD card flashed with etcher, 

Inserting the USB stick before starting up, after starting up, both plugged into a charger and not plugged into a charger,

Enabling the USB ROM service (and rebooting)

Various combinations of all the above.

I saw somewhere along the lines one person had a similar issue when he had some contact issues on the board and the case, but I did use insulating electrical tape to prevent this.  Id rather not take it apart again as the L +R buttons were a real PITA to install properly without the other one coming out.  (Unless this is the problem and I need to do it???)

Any ideas??  Thank you in advance.

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