Retropie Not making folders
(04-04-2020, 08:44 AM)Twofastoocatch Wrote:
(03-31-2020, 07:46 AM)Flavor Wrote: Does the system work fine otherwise?  Does the LCD come on during bootup and then go into EmulationStation?  Can you navigate the menu system?

Do you have another USB device (like a keyboard) that you can use?  Make sure that's working well, so we know that the problem isn't with USB itself.  Boot up with the keyboard attached.  Then, once the system loads the menu, can you navigate the menus with the keyboard?  If you hit F4 on the keyboard, does EmulationStation go away and you're left with a command-prompt?  Can you type there?

That's where I'd start.  If that all works fine, then I'd be likely to think that there's something odd with your USB stick.

It sounds like you've gone through this already, but make sure you're following this guide:

Also, which SD image are you using?  We recently published a new one.  It may be worthwhile to try the previous one, just to be sure something didn't break during the latest updates.
Thank you for the reply and sorry for the late response.  I was expecting an email notification and it must have gone to spam or something. 

Everything seems to be functioning properly outside of it just not making folders. Start up, settings, pretty well everything. (I am having some small issues but I think it's something I can research on the retropie forums somewhere as I don't believe it to be specific to the CM3). 

I have managed to get some games on the CM3, using the USB WiFi dongle and just plugging in a USB keyboard when it asked for the wifi password, then plugging the dongle back in before hitting enter.  All of the folders are there and I put a bunch in the appropriate folders.   

I believe I'm using the most recent SD image file.  I'd be willing to try an older version if it gets things working properly. 

All I have left to figure out is how to get a fast forward working, and saves and loads and I'll be content as a clam. This is one sweet little system.

Just quickly, savestates (load and save) should be hotkey and the shoulder buttons.  I don't recall which is which r/l = save/load.

Anyway, try this.

Tap/release the power slider.  Then hit R or L.  It should give you a message about saving or loading the state.
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