NeoGeo not working CM3
I've recently built my GPA CM3 and so happy that I made it  Idea
It wasn't an easy job though
I Faced some problems which I need a solution for

1- NeoGeo roms are not working , I managed to add the box arts and the snaps and they are all working but when I open a game it exits. I tried the three different emualtors but non of them working. I removed the BIOS file from both the BIOS folder and the ROM folder and downloaded a new one but still getting the same issue. Just I get the screen where I press A then it exits.

2- I added some NDS roms but I'm not getting the console shown in the ribbon. Do you have an advise ?

3- I added the snaps and box arts for GameBoy but the games are only shown in LIST format, any advise about this issue ?

4- Nintendo 64 roms are not working at all. They cause the device to freeze and show 1 FPS at the bottom of the screen. Any solution ?

5- How can I change the theme or download and add another theme.

Thanks and happy holidays to you all Smile
Did you get this stuff working? I thought that I saw you post elsewhere that you did. Could you post here how you solved it, so others can also benefit? Thanks.
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Yes it worked,
The problem was with the ROM files not the BIOS
but I followed the Steps to add the BIOS image in the same folder for the NeoGeo Roms and after replacing the Roms everthing worked like a charm

Thanks Big Grin

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