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Looping music from NeoTracker?
In my experimentation with NeoTracker, I can get the music to play in my game, but I cannot seem to get it to loop.  It plays once and stops.

Is there something that can be set in NeoTracker itself to indicate the point at which it should return to the beginning?  I haven't found any documentation for the program, so I'm just going at it with trial and error and have not figured this out.  I notice I can hit the End key to put an END tag in the tracker and that seems to end playing there, but that doesn't solve the looping issue in the game itself.

Note that I have tried some of the musical tracks from Puzzle Gems, and those loop for me with no issue.  At least I think they're looping.  I've left the emulator running for a while and the BGM is still playing.  This makes me think there must be something in the track data itself that drives looping.
Puzzle Gems and most of my games are using ripped musics (done by SNK sound tool I think).
That's why it loops...
I'm not sure Ivan's neotracker includes loop command (I haven't found it and don't remember).
Thanks for checking.

I'll share here if I can figure anything out. At the moment, I'm using a timer to restart BGM as needed.

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