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NGPC Platformer Engine - Work in Progress
I am still working on my platformer engine.

I need to get some better animations into it, but overall, its working pretty well for me.  I have a workflow down with Tiled to output usable maps for this engine, so building out levels can be done pretty quickly.

I want to do a little more before posting another demo.

I have been redesigning my platformer engine basically from the ground up as I have been learning a lot and figuring out better ways to handle things.  I now have it to where it dynamically handles maps of different sizes.

I have a very quick workflow down for tilesets and maps.  Tilesets can be produced very quickly using a regular graphics editor like GIMP and converting to usable NGPC data with sodthor's image converter.  The same tileset image can be used in Tiled map editor to build out a level, and the output from that is easily converted to usable code.

Once the fundamentals of this engine are in place, swapping in different tiles and levels will be very easy and I could effectively make entire platformer games relatively quickly.


I am still working on my platformer engine.  I have it a lot more fleshed out than it was over a year ago.

I have successfully implemented:
player projectiles
enemy projectiles
player health management (hurt by enemies, healed by interacting with healing tile)
player-enemy collision (to hurt player)
player-enemy projectile collision (to hurt player)
player projectile-enemy collision (to hurt enemy)
enemy projectile-enviornment collision
player projectile-environment collision
various enemy behavior states (walking, attacking, dying) with configurable frames of animation
different enemy types (flying, walking, detects edge, pursues player after seeing player)
configurable and randomized item drops per enemy type
player-item collision (to get item)
backgrounds split by hblank to give a parallax effect
mix of VGM and WAV SFX without harming performance
VGM background music configurable per level/room
animated tiles to give life to some of the elements in the level other than enemy sprites

I am really enjoying working within the limitations of the NGPC.  Even though I hit some frustrating limitations sometimes (only 3 colors per sprite... ugh!), it's fun to see what I can accomplish.

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