SOT23-6 Identification

Can anybody give me an information what kind of SMD the component right where the positive voltage leads to is? It has 6 pins and is either labeled BMFAD or BRYAA and connects to the MCP73871. I‘m trying some homebrew stuff, derived from my freeplaytech pcb. Following the first two letters BM or BR, this would be some kind of Li-Cell discharge/overcharge protection named R5421N. But for this SMD, the datasheet shows a different pin assignment...

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I think it is a mosfet, P or N channel by memory (I am not home, hope I don't say wrong thing).
You speak about Q4 on CM3 motherboard, right?
If you are looking for over/undervoltage protection, I think it is handle by the charging IC itself (plus the board integrated in most Li battery).
On my pcb, it is Q6, on a CM3. Its position is right on the bottom right edge of the SODIMM-socket. I would appreciate some part number or manufacturer, as i am not that advanced for determining the required characteristics :-D.
I think we speak about the same part, it is marked Q4 on the shop picture.
Sadly, I don't have additionnal info :S

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